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The 1st Regional Workshop: the Inception Workshop

26-28 September, 2018
Tokyo & Nagano, Japan

The First Regional Workshop (the inception workshop), organised by IGES (implementing agency), will gather the project teams from ASEAN Member States, comprising National Focal Points (NFPs), National Coordinators (NCs) and city representatives to:

  • Present, discuss and enhance their proposed project action plans;

  • Identify common priorities and action areas among proposed plans, and if possible, agree on cross-country targets and monitoring/evaluation mechanisms to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

  • Identify and agree on necessary follow-up actions and timeline for the way forward, including on relevant key regional events.

  • Brief and consult NFPs, NCs and participating cities on the expected deliverables, timeline and important matters such as financial reporting and communications/outreach/PR strategy.

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